Saturday, March 29, 2014

10 Month Mishap

Ryan Homes sent us our date for our 10 month inspection a few months back. Of course, the date on the paper wasn't good for us. I called to re-schedule and it was a breeze. Unfortunately, due to work schedules, we had to call and reschedule….again. 

Two days before our scheduled 10 month inspection, the project manager called and said he was sorry but that he needed to reschedule on us this time. Ok, no biggie. I took the day off of work, but I just retracted the day and put in a slip for the new date. Thursday morning comes and I get a call from A telling me the workers are at the door and ready to work. Say what?!?! The project manager told A that he never called me to reschedule and does not remember ever leaving me that voicemail. A sent them away, because we obviously hadn't prepared since we received a new date for a few weeks away.

I was ready to call the PM and kindly remind him of our conversation, but he beat me to it. Shortly thereafter, I received a voicemail from the PM apologizing and stated he made a mistake and forgot to take us off his schedule for that day. Ok, thanks for the apology, but darn we really could have had our inspection that day.

We also received our one year inspection notice as well, with about 15 orange post-it notes. Ha, I;'m going to need an entire roll of painters tape to mark all the issues that need to be fixed. Thanks for thinking of me, but you can keep your post-it notes!!!!

I will be happy when all of this work gets done and we can put it all behind us. I'm ready to paint!!!


  1. Good for you holding out until the nail pops are fixed! I'm not sure how long I'll be able to wait to paint.

  2. It killed me to have white walls all year. Our 1 year anniversary of closing is on April 30th. They haven't called to schedule our drywall fixes yet, but we are already picking paint colors out and are ready to roll!