Thursday, May 23, 2013


What a pain in the A** ! I pretty much was throwing things in boxes as we went along. I took some car loads, while Alex and his Dad moved the big stuff. We got up at 8am and didn't stop until midnight. We went to take a shower and realized we didn't have a curtain liner, so off to Wal-Mart I went at 1230. Of course I picked up all kinds of other things I stumbled upon for the house. So at 2am here we are taking showers in the new about exhausted! I was happy when moving was over... and that's an understatement!

I was so caught up in moving that I forgot to take photos, so I snapped a few on my phone when I realized I didn't have any pictures.

This fell out of the washer when it was being unloaded and nobody can find where it goes! I've done tons of laundry and it hasn't flooded the place yet, so I guess it will stay out until we figure out where it goes. 

Cali is adjusting well to her new kitty lair :) 
Her favorite blanket, the pillow she likes to sleep under, lair inside a closet and her kitty bed. 
Yeah, she's spoiled by her momma <3 


  1. Congrats! Now the real fun begins!

  2. You probably have a front loader. That's a shipping bolt. It holds the drum in place while moving. You should have 4 of them total. Make sure to always move with them in place and remove them before washing. Double check the back of the washer to make sure the others aren't in place. It should have a black rubber head and a long screw or bolt that goes in it as well. :)

  3. How great! Congratulations! I am not sure about the piece for the washer, but Jmarie's thoughts sound pretty legitimate to me! Now, for Pete's sake, relax in your new home.

  4. Happy Unpacking! It definitely takes time.