Sunday, January 26, 2014

10 Month Review Fix-It List

I can't believe our 10 month inspection is coming up soon! We got a letter in the mail today that said they have scheduled it for mid February. I haven't completed my survey yet, since I am waiting to see how they do fixing all of the problems we have encountered. I hate to be picky, but we paid a lot for our house and I want it to be right. I know it isn't ever going to be perfect, but they can do the best they can to make it look decent. My list includes some drywall and flooring things that will hopefully be fixed at our one year inspection.

1. The 50,000 nail pops we have! Ok, so there isn't that many, but there are a lot. However, this will be done at the one year inspection, not the 10 month. 

2. The nice big crack in our basement floor. It was an issue when we purchased the home, but they said it wouldn't get any bigger since it was a crack they did on purpose. Wrong! It has split and split and you can even see some white plastic piece through it. 

3. The ceiling and wall are separating in the master bedroom.

4. The freezing microwave and loud noises it makes from the vent flapping in the wind and raindrops. 

5. Where the counters have been pieced together, there is a seam that is highly noticeable. There are also many spots where little chips are- one on each side of the stove is one area. 

6. Fix the molding at the bottom of the peninsula island. The little wood piece just fell off one day. There was all kinds of wood shavings underneath. Guess they didn't know how to use a broom. 

7. Fix drywall that is showing metal above the windows and on the overhead at the bottom of the stairs. Again, the one year inspection.

8. The outlet in the half bath hasn't worked ever since we moved in.

9. Some drywall in the garage at the bottom of the door/steps appears to have fallen off/apart.

10. The screen on the sliding glass door is super hard to lock. A lot harder than it should be.

11. Our master bedroom seems to always be a lot colder than the rest of the house.

12. When it gets a little windy, there is a loud whistling/humming noise below one of our windows in the family room. It almost sounds like a train.

13. There are a lot of drywall seams that have split throughout the house.

At the moment I can't think of anything else, but I will update as I remember. This blog post serves as my list that I can print when the time comes- I killed two birds with one stone :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Water Works

There is whatever everywhere whenever it rains….. well naturally, since rain is water, but we have puddles and puddles of water. It gets annoying. Forget walking through your yard when it rains, unless you have some knee high boots.

Since I'm about 7 months behind on blogging, these photos are from last summer when we were still in the construction zone. The drainage holes had those bags/covers over them to prevent materials from going down the drain. However, they never removed them when it did rain, hence the result below. 

Notice the port-a-potty leaning over in the background…. 

I text the PM and said you need to get someone out here ASAP! 

I took these through the window, so there is a slight glare. 

It's even worse now, I just haven't taken any photos recently. 

30 Day Fix-It List

We did what our PM told us to do and made a running list of different things that will need to be fixed after 30 days. It sure was a good thing, because we found so much we would have never remembered it all. Mostly minor things, but things I wanted fixed.

1. Replace the molding around the door in the garage that leads into the house. Was someone using it as  nail gun practice?? I don't know why we didn't notice this at the Final, but regardless it looks like crap. ** The update to this… they repainted it. Refused to replace it, because paint was easier and cheaper.

2. The hose bib leaks. We happened to see the PM outside one day and we told him about the problem, so he had a plumber come by and fix it; we scratched this off the 30 day list. 

Here are some other photos of things they needed to fix. It was so long ago that I can't remember everything. We have tons of things to fix at the one year now, mostly drywall stuff. 


We don't live in the city, but I wouldn't say we live in the country either. We do live on what used to be farmland off a road that is off a main road…. so kind-of the outskirts I suppose. Anyway, we have had some critters visit us the past few months. I'm an animal person, however I don't like the animals I have seen!

BY FAR the nastiest thing I have seen. I hate snakes…. There was a hole between the foundation and siding leading to the garage, that we didn't know about, which is how it got in. Luckily he left and I quickly filled that hole with some foam. Gross. 

This guy looks like he belongs in the rainforest. 

& these things… about 25 have paid us a visit. They cut the corn field behind us and it has been cold, so they're just looking for a nice warm place to curl up, but I'd prefer it wasn't at my house! We lined the entire garage with traps, and we have been lucky enough to catch them all outside before they make it inside. I feel bad for the little mice, but I don't want any as pets either.