Saturday, January 11, 2014


We don't live in the city, but I wouldn't say we live in the country either. We do live on what used to be farmland off a road that is off a main road…. so kind-of the outskirts I suppose. Anyway, we have had some critters visit us the past few months. I'm an animal person, however I don't like the animals I have seen!

BY FAR the nastiest thing I have seen. I hate snakes…. There was a hole between the foundation and siding leading to the garage, that we didn't know about, which is how it got in. Luckily he left and I quickly filled that hole with some foam. Gross. 

This guy looks like he belongs in the rainforest. 

& these things… about 25 have paid us a visit. They cut the corn field behind us and it has been cold, so they're just looking for a nice warm place to curl up, but I'd prefer it wasn't at my house! We lined the entire garage with traps, and we have been lucky enough to catch them all outside before they make it inside. I feel bad for the little mice, but I don't want any as pets either. 

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  1. Hey, I was browsing your blog, which has really helped me with picking out options for my florence. I would like to know if the critters still pose a problem to your home. I would die if i saw anything like that near me.