Saturday, January 11, 2014

30 Day Fix-It List

We did what our PM told us to do and made a running list of different things that will need to be fixed after 30 days. It sure was a good thing, because we found so much we would have never remembered it all. Mostly minor things, but things I wanted fixed.

1. Replace the molding around the door in the garage that leads into the house. Was someone using it as  nail gun practice?? I don't know why we didn't notice this at the Final, but regardless it looks like crap. ** The update to this… they repainted it. Refused to replace it, because paint was easier and cheaper.

2. The hose bib leaks. We happened to see the PM outside one day and we told him about the problem, so he had a plumber come by and fix it; we scratched this off the 30 day list. 

Here are some other photos of things they needed to fix. It was so long ago that I can't remember everything. We have tons of things to fix at the one year now, mostly drywall stuff. 

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