Saturday, January 26, 2013

Creative Flooring

Ugh! This has been by far the worst part of this entire process. They didn't call us to make an appointment like they were supposed to. Ok, no big deal... But when I called them to schedule an appointment, I couldn't get anyone to answer the phone. I left several messages and nobody ever returned my call. I eventually contacted my SR and explained my dilemma. He contacted Creative and had them get in touch with me right away. Finally our appt. was scheduled.

The appointment was fairly cut and dry. As much as I wanted to upgrade, it just wasn't in the budget. We went with all of the standard flooring options. For the colors we picked the Thornwood carpet and for the linoleum we picked initiator 66089. We kept the same carpeting through the entire house and the same linoleum in the morning room, kitchen, laundry room, master bath, second bath and powder room. We plan to eventually put hardwood flooring and tile in ourselves, so we didn't upgrade the floor padding since we'll just be ripping it out anyway. After about 15 minutes we we're finished.

After visiting the model home again, we decided to change our carpet to one shade lighter- Rockport. Unfortunately, it took me forever to get in touch with Creative Flooring again. I emailed our SR and advised him we wanted the change. He contacted CF and asked for them to reach out to me and make the changes. I never heard anything, so I tried calling CF but couldn't get in touch with anyone. I emailed our SR again and he sent them another email asking for the change order. Still nothing. I called again and was able to get in touch with the representative for CF that deals with RH customers. She had no clue what I was talking about, said she never received the emails (My SR copied me on the emails, so I know he sent them to her) and kept asking me if I needed another appt. All. I. Need. Is. To. Have. A. Computer. Generated. Work. Order. To. Change. The. Carpet. To. Rockport. Sent. To. My. Sales Rep. That. Is. ALL! Geeze, if she's the rep and had no clue what I was talking about, I can't even imagine what other people have gone through. Creative Flooring has definitely been my biggest disappointment in this whole process. 

Anyway, here is the Rockport carpet on the left


  1. It seems that all of the flooring companies are difficult to get ahold of for some reason. It's very frustrating!

  2. Hoping I don't run into this same issue - that's the only appointment I don't have scheduled yet.

    Congrats and happy building! :-)