Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dryer Hose Box

While browsing through blogs and Pinterest, I came across this picture of a dryer hose hookup. I hate that I am not able to push my dryer completely against the wall because that stupid hose is hanging all over the place. This seemed like a great idea, so I asked my SR if this is something that could be done in our house. He liked the idea so much that he had me forward him the photo and he might do the same thing in his new construction home! He has to check with corporate and our PM first, but hopefully they'll go for it! Here's to hoping I can finally push my dryer completely against the wall! 


  1. We had something similar without even asking... although we still can't push our dryer all the way back against the wall because of the upgraded hose that we bought for it. The upgraded hose is supposed to be better, but it is less flexible.

    1. You can see part of the dryer hose vent box in the picture of the washer overflow pan in this post:

    2. How awesome! It looks pretty much identical to the picture I found on Pinterest. The model home doesn't have this, but it seems like such a simple thing to do!