Saturday, January 26, 2013

Picking out our colors

You would think this would be nothing but fun, however it was also very difficult. I am very indecisive and change  my mind a lot. After it was all said and done and I stopped changing my mind it became fun! We had previously decided on a siding color, but our neighbors had picked it already, so we needed to go with something else.

We picked out our colors for everything, but a few days later I was having extreme anxiety and wasn't sure how it was all going to look together. I just couldn't picture it. We took another trip to the model home and put everything out together. After seeing it all side by side, I felt much better with the choices we made. My SR said it was normal to feel that way, although I think he was being nice :) I have changed my mind so many times during this process! 

We originally picked Sandtone siding and Dark Navy Shutters- well DF picked it, because I hated it. 

And then I threw Island Pearl with Georgetown Blue shutters into the mix

We settled on Sandtone, but I couldn't stop thinking about how much I hated it, so I made us go back and change it. Happy Wife, Happy Life right!? We settled on Stone Mountain Clay with Georgetown Blue

Flooring with the cabinets

We wanted the countertops in the model, but they were too expensive. 
We tried to match the model counter color the best we could.

Thornwood carpet next to the linoleum

Rockport on the left and Thornwood on the right

We ultimately went with Rockport

Wood stain options for handrails

We chose the one on the bottom

All of our door handles will be the silver color

Cabinets with flooring and countertops

We chose the Bourdeaux Cherry Cabinets

Our cabinet is the first one on the left

All of the colors laid out. 
The siding and shutters are wrong.
We changed them after this picture was taken.
As you can see we went pretty neutral with everything. 

We will eventually upgrade to tile and hardwood floors, but for now this is perfect! 

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  1. I love the Stone Mountain Clay siding, but our neighbors beat us to it so we ended up with Sandy Tan. There is a house in our neighborhood with the Sandtone siding with navy blue shutters and the siding looks really orange... I'm not a fan of that combo. It looks like you made nice selections!