Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pre-Construction Meeting

Our pre-construction meeting went pretty good. It was about an hour. I had previously researched tons of blogs and typed up tons of questions to ask. Our PM Blake was very nice and helpful. He seemed really to the point and didn't put a bunch of "fluff" in when we were talking. He didn't mind all of my questions and has called us on a weekly basis to update us. I'm glad he is our PM and I'm looking forward to building our house with him.

My list of questions that I compiled. Maybe it will help some of you too.
  • Garbage Disposal
    • Yes comes standard
  • Cabinets come with knobs
    • Extra $
  • Kitchen Sink Sprayer
    • Standard

  • Pantry light
    • Standard

  • Is the icemaker kit a kit or hookup in wall
    • Rough in in the wall

  • Fixtures- sink/lighting
    • All standard Moen

  • Vent fans/auto vent switches in bathrooms
    • Vent fans in Master Bath and Half Bath. Automatic vent fan in 2nd bathroom

  • Outlets in bathroom drawer
    • Can't do

  • Outlets- how many and placement
    • You do not pick the placement. Outlets are put every so many feet (I forget how many he said)

  • Heat/AC Vents- how many and placement
    • Again, you do not pick. Placed every so many feet. 

  • 3 way light switch- from front of room and back of room
    • Standard

  • How many hose hookups
    • 2- Our PM said he would put one in the front and one in the back- thank god!

  • Outdoor lighting
    • One light on garage and on front porch

  • Group utilities in basement for future finish
    • Standard

  • Standard doors and windows
    • Yes

  • Lights out back/flood lights
    • Light out back near sliding glass door

  • Garage painted
    • I can't remember what he said

  • Blocked off backyard from slider or stairs
    • It will be blocked off. Can add your own stairs/patio later

  • Grass/sod
    • Grass Seed

  • Outside outlets
    • Yes, one out front and one out back


  1. He probably said no about the painted garage... RH doesn't usually finish the garage. We are planning to do that ourselves once the weather improves.

  2. Hi Robin, sorry they couldn't do the outlet for you. And yes, the garage is left unpainted with the strips of and spots on the walls nor do they insulate the entire garage only the interior walls.