Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grading, Rocks & Dumpster Diving

Took a drive by the house tonight and I missed the waterproofing step! The yard has been graded and the foundation has been filled in- yay! It's been super windy out, so hopefully framing will begin early next week. I've been so excited lately and can't wait for our home to be finished :)

Our second pile of rocks

Space between our house and the neighbors

& the neighbors house.
 2 days ago when I drove by there was not one piece of wood up !

oh and I didn't take a photo of it, but DF told me there was a man in the dumpster when we pulled up. I told him he was crazy and it was just the wind blowing things around. Sure enough, a few minutes later a man popped out of the dumpster with a bunch of "goodies." Perhaps he's selling all of that scrap metal he took? I know it's stuff in the trash, but I'm not sure how I feel about random people being in the neighborhood dumpster diving- especially when I actually move in and live there. 

Did anyone else notice this happening in their neighborhood? 


  1. A lot of the bloggers are guilty of dumpster diving! We were fortunate enough to have a PM that agreed to set aside any extra materials for us... but others have found tile, brick, trim, carpet, etc. from dumpster diving.

    It would be a little odd for a complete stranger to be doing it though!

  2. I'm sure they don't mean any harm, but I surely don't want anyone going into my unbuilt house seeing what they can find. As long as they stay in the dumpster, then maybe I can deal. I might just drop an email to my SR and ask if he is even aware of it.