Sunday, March 17, 2013

Auto Garage Door Opener Savings

We opted not to have RH install an automatic garage door opener for us. They were charging $600. We decided to try and save some money, so we went to Home Depot today and man did I score a deal! Go Me!

I previously looked for reviews on this opener and noticed you got a garage door opener upgrade kit for free with purchase. It said online only, but I had a Lowe's coupon (which HD said they would use since it was a competitor) so I couldn't purchase this online and get the free upgrade kit and use the Lowe's coupon on the HD site at the same time. I decided to check with the store and they actually honored it for me!

Apparently this week you could get the free upgrade kit in store so that wasn't a problem and then I was able to use the 10% off Lowe's coupon too :) We opted for HD to install the opener. We probably could've done it ourselves, but thought the $97 was cheap enough to just have them do it. If something goes wrong, it's on them. So, the machine was $198, installation $97 and upgrade kit $29.97 for a total of $324.97. After the free upgrade kit and 10% coupon, I got everything for $275.20. Yay!

We purchased the Chamberlain door opener shown below:


  1. So tempted to hop on this deal and just stash the garage door opener until August. Great score at HD!

  2. You are going to like it!! It is very quiet !

  3. Make sure, if you have the one large garage door rather than two smaller doors, that the 1/2 hp is enough. We went with the Chamberlain My Q 3/4 hp, which we got on a similar deal through Amazon for $268 with the installation upgrade kit.