Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pre Final Walk-Through

I met with our PM at the house yesterday. My mom and Alex's sister and cousin came along too. It was the first time my mom has seen the inside! 

It's pretty much ready to go- a few things here and there to touch up. I can't believe it's so close! The next time we will be in the house will be in 11 days for our final walk-through and then hopefully closing the following day! Hard to believe :) ! 

It looked a lot nicer inside with all of the construction equipment gone and carpets/floors cleaned up. 

My PM was nice enough to measure all of the windows, W/D space, bars counter heights and the refrigerator space for me. 

He also explained the basement cracks and the process for the driveway and grass. Driveway will be patched and another layer put over in a few months after it settles. The grass will be seeded and fertilized in a month or so when the weather gets nicer and the grass will grow. They will put some landscape and tress in too. 

Alex & I went to the Home Depot today and picked up some cheap vinyl blinds. We will update the window treatments at a later date, but for now this will be just fine for right now. Need to save all the $$ where we can. I never knew buying a house had so many expenses right away! 

We also purchased a floor kit for the garage to make it look and keep nicer. 

The PM is going to change that brown outlet on the counter out for us to match the other white ones. I also noticed a few of the small cosmetic things we had previously noticed had already been fixed. 

The garage and driveway was power washed and the hay stuff was on the yard. 

Photos to show the rest :) 

Happy Easter to you & your family! 


  1. Everythig looks so nice. I like the kitchen. Happy Easter!!!

  2. Nice! Almost there. Happy Easter!

  3. It looks so nice before you know it, the home will be all yours!

  4. beautiful!! So cool to see another Florence! I really wish we could have a basement, but here in SC you have to have a sloped lot and it's $30k to add a basement! I guess the clay/soil here is not good for it. The house looks so beautiful and I am excited for mine to get started!!

  5. Looks great! My DH was just talking about the epoxy for the garage. Hopefully we close early in the week as planned so the by the weekend we can use the garage!

  6. How beautiful! You are getting so close! I am very jealous!

  7. Hi, just stumbled onto your blog. I noticed in an earlier post you had concerns about your shutters but then decided the blue would be ok.... I think the exterior is amazing! The blue really pops on your house and it's very pleasing. It's beautiful! Can't wait to see more.