Saturday, April 13, 2013

Final Walk-Through, Closing Delayed & Furniture Shopping

A smorgasbord of topics since I haven't posted in a while.

Final Walk-Through

We had our final walk-through on Wednesday the 10th at 9 am. It took about 2 hours from start to finish. Everything inside looked great and our PM explained a bunch of things to us regarding the house, appliances, maintenance, etc. He also had a big binder with all kinds of information, warranties, contacts, etc. for us to have for future reference. I like that they're organized! 

We only found a few problems that needed to be addressed inside the home:

1. Cabinet doors to one cabinet were spaced too far apart, allowing you to see inside the cabinet
2. The front of a cabinet drawer was not level and was crooked
3. The seams in the master bedroom ceiling were connected weird and there was a big lump in the    ceiling drywall (I don't really know how to technically describe it ! )
4. The sliding door screen was not locking properly
5. Something was stuck in the garbage disposal so he will have to get that out

A funny moment: Our PM was showing us how the microwave worked and the different features and when he turned the fan on a whole bunch of drywall dust blew out. He was like oops, we'll fix that too.  Alex said it sure is a good thing that didn't happen when we were moved in and cooking food! 

Once we move in we'll probably find a few more issues, but we'll just have those fixed at the 30 day inspection. Hopefully minor things and nothing major until then!

He patched a spot in the driveway that a piece of equipment damaged and said they'll put down another layer in a few months. He also said they'll hopefully take care of some of the landscaping this week.

There was also a mold remediation company that came in during the framing of the process. Some of our roof truss' had mold on them and they treated that. Our PM said he would give us a copy of the report to have for our files. Hopefully there will never be an issue with mold! 

They also don't seal the grout in the showers, so that is something we need to do right away. That was a little weird that they go almost all the way to the end with tile and then don't seal the grout. It's like they did 99.5% of the job and left off the other .5% in sealing grout. Oh well, it is what it is. It won't take long and it's not expensive so we'll take care of that ourselves when we move in. 

The final house ! 

& the neighbors! They're waiting to close too.


We were scheduled to close on Thursday the 11th, however we received word on Monday that closing would be delayed. As I wrote in a previous post, the county will not approve our CO until the land developer finishes a road that the county wants stabilized. Once that is finished, they need to have the county come inspect their work and hopefully they'll approve the CO. 

I called the county to ask their process on approving CO's just for some more information and hoping that maybe they would get the ball rolling and pull some strings for us. Well, the lady got all defensive and started freaking out saying RH was blaming them and called a RH manager of some sort. Their manager called the RH main production manager who in turn called me. Geeze lady at county, was all of that really necessary?! 

Anyway, the main PM apologized for the delay and said the land developer is who they're waiting on. I explained that I knew it wasn't their fault, but that if it was me I'd be putting some fire up their ass and making sure they get that road done....they've only been working on it for over a month and a half now. There are 3 houses that are waiting to close and the county won't approve any more building permits to start new construction either. I also told him I was a little frustrated to learn 3 days before closing it was cancelled. I know our PM told us previously this may be an issue, but a little more than 3 days notice from RH would have been nice. I had already called the utility companies, Verizon, set up furniture delivery, etc. and now I had to call them all back again and re-schedule. Again, he just apologized and said they're working as fast as they can and that he understood my frustration. Again let me say I understand it's not the fault of RH, but it's just frustrating all together! 

So in the meantime, they're working on the road and we have no date for closing. They said it could possibly be 2 weeks, but they don't want to give us a date because if they can't meet the deadline they don't want us to be even more mad. Ugh. I'm annoyed, but I'm trying to see the positive in it all. More time for packing, less interest to pay for closing in the middle of the month and another month we don't have to make a mortgage payment. I'll feel much better when we have a concrete date though. We have a lot of things to schedule and more importantly we need to coordinate with Alex's work schedule and be able to make sure he can get off. 

I am so ready to move into our house! I can't wait until closing and we have those keys in hand! 

Furniture Shopping! 

We had previously purchased a couch, but we decided to also get a new dining set and counter stools. 

Working on the Road

Get done already road !!!!! 


  1. Sad you have to deal with the CO issue, I hope they get the road done so you could get your CO issued. I like the couch where are they from?

    1. Thanks! We purchased all of the furniture from Raymour & Flanigan. The couch set is called the briarwood collection.

  2. Hope you get to close soon! Happy furniture shopping.

  3. Oh man, how frustrating!! I hope it gets taken care of fast! Cute house!

  4. Oh, my goodness!!!! How terrible! Stupid county people. I hope it gets cleared up soon. Thanks for the things to look for during the final walk-through. We are compiling a list!

  5. I can't believe this is happening when you are soooo close to moving into your home. Hopefully everything will go smootly but yes you are right, you'll just have more time to save, not pay mortgage, etc...

    the house looks great and love the furniture!