Saturday, April 27, 2013

Closing Delay and Landscape

As you've previously read, we are awaiting our CO from the county before we can close. I contacted the production manager on Wednesday for an update on the road. He didn't know anything except they were still working and it could potentially be another 2 weeks. He had no idea if they were 25% done or 75% done.... or anything. A little frustrating. 

At this point Alex and I are frustrated with this whole thing. It seems there is no sense of urgency for the builder to get this road done. And nobody knows anything?! One person tells me 2 weeks and the mortgage person tells me maybe this coming Monday or Tuesday. When will the answers get straightened out and someone give us some clear concise information?? 

I sent an email on Thursday to the settlement processor and explained our frustration. On Friday I received a phone call and email from the SR with some updated information. 

So... they are currently working on the road. RH has mandated the company continue working through the weekend and there is the potential for the County to come out on Monday. If all goes smoothly, we are looking at closing on Tuesday at 2:00pm. I'm crossing my fingers everything goes according to plan and we can close. 

The sales rep also sent me some photos of the progress and our finished house. 

We have made a few trips to the house over the week and noticed they had done some landscaping work. It looks really good and I am happy with the result! 


  1. It's pretty exciting to be this close! When you close, the real fun begins. Enjoy every inch of your new house.

  2. It really looks great! You are so close now!!!!

  3. I'm so jealous of your trees and shrubs! What they put out here is horrible. I tore mine up within 3 days. Lol. Everything looks beautiful! Happy closing!