Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Road & Soil

We drove past the house again tonight to check on the roadwork.... 
not really sure where they're at with that. I put a call in to 
the project manager to get an update. Hopefully I'll hear from him
tomorrow sometime. 

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the road wasn't finished for another month.... 

We also noticed they added the next layer of topsoil. 
I'm glad things look more evened out now with everything flush 
and no more pipes sticking out of the ground.... 


  1. The blue looks really pretty on the house!

  2. Envious of your mailbox (it's the little things you miss when they're taken away). Most new developments where I am are getting cluster boxes instead of individual mailboxes. Really like your color combinations and porch!

  3. The blue and tan looks really great! I hope that your road gets finished soon!