Sunday, April 21, 2013

Packing & Shower Curtain ?

Ugh... I despise packing. As antsy as I am to get into the house, you'd think I'd have my current house all packed up by now.... Wrong! Alex was at work today so I needed to get some cleaning done and then decided to try and be productive and pack.

This is as far as I got... hey, you gotta' start somewhere right ?!?!

I went out with my mom yesterday to do a little shopping. 
We stopped at Target and I picked up these shower hooks on clearance for $5.00. 

I bought this shower curtain as well. I have had a really hard time with shower curtains. I had previously picked 5 different ones online that I liked. It's just a shower shouldn't be that hard. I ended up deciding on this one....

but after looking online at Target again, I kinda like this one a little better

What do you guys think ?


  1. Pretty! I love a good deal. Good luck on the rest of the packing.

  2. Cute shower curtain! It always seemed to be the little things, like a shower curtain, that I was super indecisive about. It took months to decide on our shower curtain. Crazy, right?

  3. I like the one you purchased with the darken coloring towards the bottom. They are both very pretty but I like the little bit of bright towards the bottom. The second one is pretty light and has what looks like a bit of green (did you want that accent color too?) You could pick out any of those shades in it for accenting pieces. Stick with the first one :) Just mho. It really calls my eyes to it, versus just passing over the paleness of the second one.


  4. I like the mint/green curtain since it doesn't seem so bright, but both are nice.

  5. I like them both as well....hard decision. Are you planning on painting? I think the green would give you more options for decorating down the line.

  6. Robin, what is your color palette for your bathroom? Is this for your master, guest, or basement?

    IMHO, I love the first one because of the POP of color and I like the green one too for other reasons. I just can't help wonder what color scheme you are after which would support your decision or are you going to choose the shower as the main color and build around it?

    Have fun!!