Monday, March 11, 2013

PM Update with Photos :)

We took a swing by the house again on Saturday to check out a pipe that my in-laws told us about. It's on the back of the house and I'm not really sure what it goes to, but it surely did not look right.

& just a photo of the back of the house since I was back there already. 

So, I shot a text to my PM this morning and told him we had stopped by, sent him the pics of the pipes and asked why it was like this and if it was going to be fixed. 
He immediately got back to me with... "Hey Robin, we fixed that this morning. Here's a pic"

Thanks PM- You Rock! 

& then he sent me some more photos of the progress inside!! 

Love it! & I'm meeting with my PM on Friday at 1200 and we're going to go through the house and check things out.... & of course take tons of photos...! 

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  1. Looking good! That is awesome that your PM sends pics!