Saturday, March 9, 2013

Locked Out & Potential Closing Delay

Our PM called yesterday for our weekly Friday update. He said things we're coming along great and they finished drywall, painting, ceramic around the bathtubs, flooring and will be installing the cabinets soon.

Then he said there was some bad news... The county said they may not issue any more certificates of occupancy until they do more work in the neighborhood. He said the house will be ready by April 10th for the final walk-through, however closing on the 11th may be delayed. He said they have their equipment out there working on new houses and when the bad weather breaks they'll be working, but our closing could possibly be delayed by a few weeks. Seriously?! so my house is going to be completed and just sitting there for a few weeks, maybe longer because the county won't issue a CO?! I know it's not RH's fault, but it is extremely frustrating. I also kinda hope our PM fights for us and gets us in ASAP! The PM said as soon as he heard anything more concrete as far as closing or dates if it gets pushed back then he'd let us know as soon as possible. Ugh! Alex said I'm being too dramatic and maybe I am, but I'm awfully excited about my house and it's extremely frustrating not knowing when we're going to closing and the thought that it may just sit there empty for weeks.

We drove by the house today for the first time in over a week... and much to our disbelief we were locked out!!!! When we met in the beginning of this whole process, the SR said either he or our PM could take us through our house. We stopped in today to ask to go through the house and the SR said RH was enforcing their walk-through policy and he couldn't take us in and that we needed to make an appt. with our PM. A week ago we saw a different SR taking someone through their house....Anyway, our PM only works 8-3 and I work 730-4.... ugh!

Anyway, we saw the outside with the siding and shutters and we are happy with the way it turned out! Thank Goodness!


  1. Oh no, how frustrating. What is up with these counties? Here's hoping you get into your new home soon (and you get as many walk-throughs as you want).

    Your shutters and siding did turn out really nice.

  2. That really sucks about being locked out and the SR won't even take you to see the house. =(

  3. Has anyone ever closed on time? Seems like every blog I've read, there are always some kind of delay. Most of them were NVR mortgage related.