Saturday, March 2, 2013

Shutter Issues, Drywall & Shopping

This post is mixed with a few things from our busy, busy day!

We took a drive by last night and the siding was partially up and all of the drywall inside was finished! Everything seem to look good thus far and I hope it continues this way. Some photos in random order.

Neighbors House 

Now on to the shutters. We picked Georgetown Blue. It looked good on the little 4x2 swatches RH lets you choose from. We seemed pretty happy with our color choices.... after Alex let me switch the siding from Sandtone to Stone Mountain Clay- which by the way he actually admitted to me today that I was right about the siding and he's really glad that I talked him into switching to a darker color. Our neighbor has sandy tan, which is what we originally wanted, but we don't like it that much anymore after seeing it up on the house. We are definitely happy with stone mountain clay.

Anyway, back on topic... the shutters. We looked in the box that was at the home site and got to peek at the shutters. The blue seemed way too bright. I thought maybe it'd look better out of the box, but Alex wasn't impressed. It bothered him all night and we decided to speak to our SR this morning. We brought up that we just did not like the color we saw in the box and we didn't think it would look good on the house. Our SR took us down with the swatches, matched it to the shutters and said well this matches and this is what you picked. We asked if there was any way possible to change the color to black. He said he's never dealt with this before and didn't know if it could be changed but he'd check into it. Naturally we figured the answer would be no, but we also thought that maybe, just maybe RH would change the shutters for us to make us happy. After all it's only 8 shutters and not like we're requesting to remove and replace the siding or something. Yeah. Right. wishful thinking...

We received an email later in the day saying they could not make any changes to our orders that would increase the cost of the home. Um, switching a color increases the cost of the home? Isn't it like an even exchange swapping out some blue shutters for black?! Alex was not happy.. at all. We left what we were doing and decided that we would go back to the home site one more time, take the shutter out of the box and hang it up on the house. Then we would see what we thought. If we did not like what we saw, then we we're going up the chain and making RH change the shutters. I understand that we picked them, but honestly, they can't just switch out some shutters to make their customers happy?! What if someone stole them, wouldn't they just order more to replace the stolen ones? What if they ordered the wrong color, wouldn't they send them back and get new ones? So, why can't they just send them back and order a new color?! We're paying a lot of money for this house and RH should make sure we're happy. They did say at the beginning they were committed to making their customers 100% happy. Like I said, it's not like we're changing siding that's already up or cabinets or floors... they're some simple plastic shutters.

So.... we went back and held the shutters up and decided they weren't as bad as we we're thinking. I could live with it. Alex could live with it. After looking at them a few times and talking about it, we decided that we could handle the color and would just leave things the way they were. What a mess, but I'm at least happy that we got this whole issue taken care of and can stop thinking about those stupid shutters. Still not pleased with the response from RH, but luckily for them we are ok with the shutters.

We also went furniture shopping and bought a living room set. We originally decided we wanted a sectional sofa, but we pretty much fell in love with a separate set. The couch we liked also came in a sectional, so then we had to decide what to do. So tough! After much debating, we decided on the separate set. It'll be a lot easier to rearrange in the future with 2 separate pieces vs. a sectional. Luckily the sales rep was super nice too. She said they're having some sale on Wednesday so she would let me put the set on hold and give me the sales price on Wednesday. She also said since we're paying cash that she could give us a better discount too. Sweet! Not sure how much we're going to actually save, but I sure hope she can pull a good deal out for us. Regardless, we got the couch, chair and a half and an ottoman. Super comfy and we think it looks nice :)

We took a cruise through home depot today too. We wanted to get some ideas and pricing for a few things. Where was that money tree again ?!

For the kitty litter box in the basement... 


  1. I feel your frustrations. I thought I upgraded the hall and bath cabinets to the Maple Spice because it was only $150 more to do both but I guess I didnt. I emailed my SR and asked if I did upgrade them and he said that I hadn't. So we went back and forth trying to get these cabinets but he told me that it was too late. He also expressed that they want everyone to be 100% happy with their house. I couldn't mad at him for my mistake, even though I wish they would've let me upgrade.

    Your house is looking so good! The blue shutters do look bright in the box but up against the house they look great! I think the color contrast looks good, don't worry :)

  2. The structure of your house is really good. I love the architecture and the amount of space you have inside. It is really common for problems to arise in this stage of the construction. I hope everything goes well and I think the color of the exterior wood shutters look great on your house.