Saturday, February 9, 2013

Couldn't Resist...

I couldn't resist and had to go by the house again today. I stopped to ask the SR if we could walk through, but we weren't able to just set since only the first floor was framed. He said it wasn't structurally sound just yet and wasn't allowed to tell us to go through for safety issues- understandable, hence the reason we stopped to ask first! We can't be rebels just yet... LOL :) SR said the house should be up with the roof and all by Thursday and we could go through it with him then... if all goes accordingly then it seems we'll have a house built to walk through for Valentines Day!

DF gets quite annoyed at all the pics I take...but here are some more for me and you

The neighbors house- you can see how windy it is here...

& the mud again... you can see how rainy it has been too.

private space behind house



  1. WOW!! It's all happening so fast! I know you are excited, I'm excited for you!

    Our house hasn't been framed yet! We had snow/rain/snow showers all week so they couldn't work.

    1. It doesn't help that I live 5 minutes away and can drive by every day and look at it.

      And the rain and snow has been ridiculous all week!!!!