Saturday, February 2, 2013

Funky Furniture & Ideas

We went to a few furniture stores today to just check things out, see what's out there and get some ideas  and prices. While there I saw these two pretty random things. I found it funny and just thought I'd share with my fellow bloggers.

Actually listed on the tag as Aussie & Ugg boot chairs.... 

Wouldn't this scare your child at night ?! 
Don't you hide under your blanket from monsters...not sleep with them?

On a good note... I found this table that I really liked! It probably won't be the one we purchase, however at least we have somewhat of an idea for style. Knowing me I'll probably change my mind 50 times before we even purchase furniture though.

We didn't like this couch, but we did like the style of the sectional.  

Everything we looked at there was something we didn't like. If we could just take elements from all different pieces and put them together, life would be so much easier! Wishful thinking....Furniture shopping is going to be a lot harder than I had imagined... 


  1. I just loooooove that dining table! Love that style and I really like white in furniture, I dont know why. Those "Ugg" boot chairs are hilarious and the sectional looks comfy. We're looking into sectionals as well.

    Furniture shopping is def hard!

  2. That boot chairs are odd... and I wouldn't even want to sleep in that bed so I'm not sure what kid would want to sleep in it!

    The dining room set is nice!