Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Day, New Photos !

I take entirely too many photos. Way too many. Alex hates it and gets frustrated with me, but it makes me happy and I'll not have the opportunity to take photos of this process again (well not for this house at least), so I want to take all that I can! Most photos below are pretty self explanatory. 

Now that that paper stuff is all cleaned up and fit to the house, it looks much nicer. 
Plus we have a front door :) 

Garage floor was not poured last time I was here

& electric wiring has been started

Recessed lighting in the kitchen

Foam to fill in the gaps :)

Neighbors house from our bathroom window

 My attempt at panoramic: upstairs and downstairs.

It has really been bugging me that I don't know where our property line ends. I am a visual person and need to see things to get a better perspective. My SR gave me a big tape measure and said my back yard was 74' from the back of the house. He said to check it out if I wanted, but it was really muddy. Do I ever listen ?! 24' back and I was sinking fast... my shoes were stuck as I was walking and my feet came out of my clogs, sunk in the mud and then I really was stuck and couldn't move!!! So, I didn't get my 74' visual and left with wet socks, muddy shoes and pants.

Maybe next time... maybe


  1. Hi Robin! I love love love taking pictures!!! I took pictures of everything!! I kept my husband each phase of the building is different and we will never capture these moments again! Ever! Now that the house is built the pictures it brings back such memory and now he gets it!

    My favorite pictures are the very last two!!!!! THEY ARE PRICELESS! :-)

  2. That's the beauty of digital cameras - license to take as many pictures as we want. Click away =)... They are making good progress on your house.

    LOL @ the last 2 pictures. The lots get muddy, don't they? I was sinking into and sliding all over mine at the pre-construction meeting, but I was determined to get my visual of how the house was going to sit on the lot.