Saturday, February 9, 2013

Framing Has Begun

Took a drive past the house this Tuesday and framing had started. Yay!

Looking down the street coming back towards the house
The neighbors house. 

The guys were probably wondering why I was sitting there forever snapping photos from my car!

Looking from a side street- again, that's the neighbors house.

Stopped by the house again on Friday and found we had a downstairs! 
The weather has been extremely terrible this past week with rain and snow. Blake called for my weekly update and said they didn't get much done this week due to the weather, but the house should be up by next Friday... If the weather stays decent.

Mud.....tried to show you the deep trenches

Looking from the side street again. It looks really small to us, but I guess it's just an optical illusion. 
I kind of don't like that there are no windows on the entire one side of the house....


  1. Nice progress! The house looked really small to us during framing too.

    1. I just can't picture it seeing all those studs... looks so tiny! Can't wait for the drywall to get started.