Saturday, February 16, 2013

Framing is Finished

I've been to the house every single day this week and couldn't wait to go in this weekend. DF and I snuck in this morning... hoping we wouldn't get in trouble! When I saw the SR car drive by I thought we were busted!!! He was actually showing someone else a house though.

So far things seem to be moving right along. I got a call from the PM yesterday and he said next week they should start wiring things. He wants to have a pre drywall meeting Wednesday morning at 0800 so DF will have to attend that alone since I have to work at 0730. It's hard for me to get off work in the mornings since I'm the only one there for a little bit... bummer!

I didn't actually get to speak with the PM on the phone yesterday (busy at work), so I didn't get a chance to ask him some questions I had. After today I had another questions, so I'll either shoot him a text or just call him on Monday. One question I need to ask is about the wood that was sitting in water- will it have mold or become a mold issue later on? After sneaking through the house today too I noticed there were some gaps in the vertical studs and I could see from inside of the house right outside- somewhat curious how they're going to fix that...DF said they'll spray that foam stuff inside and then when insulation goes in that will take care of it. Seems logical.

Here is the remainder of the progress:




Morning Room

Formal Family Room 

Living Room 

Front Door


 View from Sliding Glass Door/Morning Room

View from Morning Room 3 Windows

Closet & Half Bath

Why is this wood like this? Is this an issue? 
It's hard to tell, but it's put along a wall so there are those 
weird gaps between the wall and the stud

Kitchen- looking from Morning Room 

Gap in the studs I was talking about..... 

Upstairs 1st Bedroom


Full Bath

Master Bath

Master Bedroom

Master Closet!!! 


2nd Bedroom Upstairs

Another gap in the studs....




  1. Most, if not all, of your gaps will be filled in with the foam stuff. RH LOVES the foam stuff... they spray it everywhere!

  2. WOW! look at your Fancy Florence!! She is coming together nicely!!

    Let us know what your PM has to say about the mold. The gaps will get filled up and it concerns me about the potential mold. I believe they do some sort of test, be sure to ask how they plan to make this assessment.